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June 6th, 2007, 7:30 pm

Whats been ^?

AHHHH.... i havent updated in a while
and i'm really sorry about that
-i finished/passed the 10th grade thou :DDD
--i'm working on a new comic! (yes, another one)
---but i'll only put it up if i finish it

wicked will be completed
-to an extent
--i'm going to work on wicked till at least the part where you find out the secret
---depending on how well ppl like it, thats when i'll decide if i'll fully complete it

for morning junky its a whole nother ballfield
-i want to finish it(i really do)
--cept it has more girls than guys (as mains)
---wicked is almost entirly composed of boys
----and i'm still deciding if wicked will become BL
-----anywho, morning junky is just REALLY complcated
------and i have a lot i would have to explain for it
-------and i would have to find someone to help me finish the storyline
--------anyone who wants to do it, leave a message
---------other than that, i think i might have found another artist

Next note
I'm going to LSMSA next year (google it)
-i'll be taking college like course in the 11th and 12th grade
--so it means less free time
---which means less drawing time
----luckly i auditioned into the advanced arts classes
-----and i will most like draw my comics with a pencil
------cause i like the effect more

Anywho! thats all. If you've read all that CONGRATS!
the first person to messages me gets a free stetch that will be completed my the following week, if the person sends the reference with the message :D

-aka - WoW time

btw CounterStrike - Source it fun :DDD

March 5th, 2007, 9:33 pm

Act scores are la in

I got my act scores! XDD i took it earlier in dec and made a 24, so i retook it in feb and made..... A 26 (compiste)! XD

i went up 5 pts in math (26), 4 pts in reading (30) 2 pts in english (24) and i went down 2 pts in sc (25) (the sc part was REALLY hard. i'm not the only who thought that either! ><) for a sophmore i did extremly well!

i'll take in again in the spring of my jr year. i'm shooting for a 30! XDD which i should make =D

in case you don't know, act is out of 36 pts =D

i've been busy latly turn in portfolios and i have to finish my postfoilo for the art audtion to LSMSA (which i got into, but i don't want beg stuff. XDD since they don't have talented art.... ><) i need like 2 more drawings/paintings by the 31st!

so there are reason other than wow, that i haven't been updating!
page 12 is roughed, just have to do the final!

wish meh le luck!

January 23rd, 2007, 8:09 am


this is the third day i've had a fever and i haven't been able to sleep...

i'm going to go the docter today (hopfully...)
i hope i can go to school tomorrow...

January 19th, 2007, 5:15 pm

New Semester!

New semester.. which is easy... cept for pe... *sore* it hurttsss ><;;

Anywho, I did one of the pictures.... XD i'll work on the other one soon..... ><;;

If you want to know the plot.... or rather, the dolls screct (yes there is one! and my friend got creeped out by it!! MWHAAHHAAA!) just wait to the end of this chap! It will be revealed... by Acanda!! XD and Demario's getting a haircut! (cause he looks tooooo girly)

I'm also planing a yaoi comic... that i've been wanting to do for quite a while... I'm finnally getting around to actually making one! XD

Thats it for the moment! XD

December 30th, 2006, 3:24 pm

Sketches and Kiriban

Three people who get free sketches are
1 - creaturesmint
2 - mitsoku91
3 - Silver-Songbird

You should have recieved a pm from me saying you get a sketch and to send the ref. You if you didn't, please send the reference ASAP! ><;; I'll do another one of these in March i think... XD

Also~! 910 Kiriban! You know that little counter at the bottom of the page? Well if get the counter that says 910, send me an email with the screenshot (press prtscrn, right of F12, then go to paint and press ctrl + v). Winner gets a picture of there choice! XDD

     Latest Addition: "Jorea Head Shot"

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