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Are you confused? Guess what? I am too! Anywho, here is the page that tells you ALL about the characters, and even some gossip! XDD

More is coming!!8D

Protectors (if you have a better name for them, tell me...)

Dob - 1-16
Age - 17
Height - A head taller than Demario
Defining Feature(s) - Red hair, peircing on his eyebrow
Info - Acanda is exactly what his name means, "without anger". He's always levelhead and almost always happy. Acanda is half Indian, half Irish.

DOB- 8-14
Age - 15
Height - 5'6"
Defining Feature(s)- has a mello haircut, wears lots of black
Info - Demario means 'Fearless', but wheater Demario is or not, i have no clue. He's a sore loser, and gets upset when teased (who doesn't)

Between you and me, i like boy on boy things... ><;; Anywho, Acanda and Demario have been friends since childhood, believe it or not. Their relationship at the moment is a bit ify, are they friends or more than friends. I'm saying this (yes, there is a reason) because there will be spoofs between them... XD

DOB - 4-28
Age - Ageless
Defining Feature(s) - Has pink hair, bleeds randomly. has bandages around chest
Info - a doll that's 'human-ness' hadn't been taken. Aalecia is bascally a living corpse that can never die. Aalecia means 'of noble kind'

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