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god how we use to listen to this song....

Hello! Welcome to the FAQ! Before you think this comic will be all funny and cutsey, think agian.

Contact Me

Email - o0haichan0o@gmail.com
Deviant - Haillo
Shezzy - Ashlen


Almost everyone has a 'doll'. They are your trusted compaion. They can never betray you, lie to you, and they will always love you. But these 'dolls' have a very wicked secret....

The world is divided into segments. The place where the story starts, is kind of gothic (for lack of better words). Most people don't know about them. They are the protectors of the old 'dolls'. Old 'dolls' isn't about age, its about what they are made of... ><;; The new 'dolls' are just artifical.

More comeing soon.....

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