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January 19th, 2007, 5:15 pm

New Semester!

New semester.. which is easy... cept for pe... *sore* it hurttsss ><;;

Anywho, I did one of the pictures.... XD i'll work on the other one soon..... ><;;

If you want to know the plot.... or rather, the dolls screct (yes there is one! and my friend got creeped out by it!! MWHAAHHAAA!) just wait to the end of this chap! It will be revealed... by Acanda!! XD and Demario's getting a haircut! (cause he looks tooooo girly)

I'm also planing a yaoi comic... that i've been wanting to do for quite a while... I'm finnally getting around to actually making one! XD

Thats it for the moment! XD

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