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March 5th, 2007, 9:33 pm

Act scores are la in

I got my act scores! XDD i took it earlier in dec and made a 24, so i retook it in feb and made..... A 26 (compiste)! XD

i went up 5 pts in math (26), 4 pts in reading (30) 2 pts in english (24) and i went down 2 pts in sc (25) (the sc part was REALLY hard. i'm not the only who thought that either! ><) for a sophmore i did extremly well!

i'll take in again in the spring of my jr year. i'm shooting for a 30! XDD which i should make =D

in case you don't know, act is out of 36 pts =D

i've been busy latly turn in portfolios and i have to finish my postfoilo for the art audtion to LSMSA (which i got into, but i don't want beg stuff. XDD since they don't have talented art.... ><) i need like 2 more drawings/paintings by the 31st!

so there are reason other than wow, that i haven't been updating!
page 12 is roughed, just have to do the final!

wish meh le luck!

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