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June 6th, 2007, 7:30 pm

Whats been ^?

AHHHH.... i havent updated in a while
and i'm really sorry about that
-i finished/passed the 10th grade thou :DDD
--i'm working on a new comic! (yes, another one)
---but i'll only put it up if i finish it

wicked will be completed
-to an extent
--i'm going to work on wicked till at least the part where you find out the secret
---depending on how well ppl like it, thats when i'll decide if i'll fully complete it

for morning junky its a whole nother ballfield
-i want to finish it(i really do)
--cept it has more girls than guys (as mains)
---wicked is almost entirly composed of boys
----and i'm still deciding if wicked will become BL
-----anywho, morning junky is just REALLY complcated
------and i have a lot i would have to explain for it
-------and i would have to find someone to help me finish the storyline
--------anyone who wants to do it, leave a message
---------other than that, i think i might have found another artist

Next note
I'm going to LSMSA next year (google it)
-i'll be taking college like course in the 11th and 12th grade
--so it means less free time
---which means less drawing time
----luckly i auditioned into the advanced arts classes
-----and i will most like draw my comics with a pencil
------cause i like the effect more

Anywho! thats all. If you've read all that CONGRATS!
the first person to messages me gets a free stetch that will be completed my the following week, if the person sends the reference with the message :D

-aka - WoW time

btw CounterStrike - Source it fun :DDD

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